CaringKind is piloting a new, year-long Mentor Program called MAP (Memory Advocate Peers) in NYC.

MAP pairs recently diagnosed people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or dementia and their support partners with a trained volunteer, a Mentor, who is a former caregiver of a person with dementia and can offer a listening ear, provide support, and connect to local resources and clinical research trials.

The MAP mentors are previous caregivers of a family member or friends with dementia, who wish to use their lived experiences to provide support and guide others to the resources they need, to live as well as possible with dementia.

The MAP program will train and provide on-going assistance to volunteer mentors.

CaringKind is now seeking volunteers interested in becoming Mentors! 

“Becoming a MAP mentor is an opportunity to share the wisdom and knowledge gained through your dementia journey directly with newly diagnosed individuals who need your support”- Jim Taylor, MAP Founder

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please fill out the questions below. After we receive your inquiry, a member of the CaringKind staff will call you to speak with you about your experience as a former care partner and share more details about the program. 

Any questions? Please contact Marcia Henne

Direct: 646-744-2937 |

CaringKind Helpline: 646-744-2900

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